Interactive training


We offer seminars to support and develop your leaders. We teach hands on management tools in a dynamic and interactive environment. We adapt the focus areas within management according to your needs.

We offer focus areas such as motivation and drive, team development, competency based recruitment, challenging conversations and conflict management strategies, feedback and management during organizational change.


Competency-based recruitment

A professional recruitment process is important for your organization to build a strong company brand. We show you how to use an unbiased competency-based approach.

We teach a standardized interview technique to increase your objectivity and minimize the risk of discrimination in your recruitment decisions. The course aims to combine theory, practice, and the use of reflection to enable participants to develop their technique but also to get a better understanding of their own pitfalls. Using live video techniques gives the opportunity to increase possible unknown challenges.

The aim of the course is to give you:

  • knowledge in competency-based interview technique
  • an understanding of personality differences and personality evaluations
  • enhanced self -awareness during interviews
  • a professional tool to help you make the right recruitment decisions