Professional Development

Management Team Development

Our consultants are specialists in group processes. We facilitate positive group development and give clear directions on how to increase team productivity.

Our programmes include

  • Individual assessment of the team members
  • Analysis of the group´s strength and limitations
  • A measurement of group effectiveness utilizing the method GDQ (Group Development Questionnaire)
  • Group interventions
  • Ongoing consultation

GDQ- Group Development Questionnarie

GDQ is a well established instrument that measures the efficiency and productivity of work groups and management teams. GDQ is based on years of research and developed by Susan Wheelan, former professor at Temple University, USA.

The questionnaire is to be completed by each member of the group at the start of a development process. Processing of the results is entirely group-orientated and provides:

  • Measurements of the team's productivity
  • Information on how efficient the group is in comparison to management norm
  • Clear answers as to what the groups strength are
  • Information on which issues a group should focus on in order to increase productivity.

Leadership training

We start with a personality assessment to identify the individual´s strength and challenges as a leader. Together with our client we find focus areas for the following coaching sessions.

Potential focus areas:

  • My objectives as a leader
  • How to build and develop your team
  • Performance review
  • Challenging conversations and conflict management strategies
  • Feedback
  • Management during organizational change

Executive coaching

With your objectives in focus we consult and support you to develop your organization and leadership.